We announce the switch from TioLive to SlapOS.

We announce the switch from TioLive to SlapOS.

Dear TioLive User,

We announce the switch from TioLive to SlapOS .

TioLive service will soon close in favor of SlapOS , our new open source personal Cloud platform.

Short Explanation

TioLive sales do not cover its costs.

TioLive Free service will be replaced by a new open source personal Cloud service: SlapOS .

TioLive Premium service will be replaced by ERP5 Starter provided by Nexedi SA .

TioLive will help users who keep critical data in TioLive migrate their data to SlapOS, at reasonable cost.

No data will be lost. User investment will be protected.

Long Explanation

TioLive was created with the idea that a full ERP / CRM / email service could be offered based on a "Freemium" business model where occasional users get the service for free and power users pay a reasonable subscription fee. It was also created with the idea that a loyal service level agreement which protects privacy, trade secret and the ability to move away from SaaS to self-hosted open source solution would be a strong differentiator compared to leading proprietary SaaS.

Privacy protection, trade secret and freedom to leave are irrelevant differentiators for the vast majority of the market. The only aspect of TioLive which drew significant attention was its "zero" pricing, which is no longer a strong differentiator. Only very few TioLive users have considered to adopt its "Premium" offer, in a market where most competition is gratis.

This makes TioLive unsustainable financially.

On the positive side, TioLive helped improve ERP5 documentation a lot. It was used to train more than 200 students in more than 10 universities. OSOE lectures which are based on TioLive open content can now be used with a standard ERP5 instance to learn or teach ERPs. The most significant outcome of TioLive has thus been higher education.

The know how gained with TioLive has been used to build a new platform: SlapOS . SlapOS is fully open source, both its front-end and its back-end. SlapOS can be used to host ERP5 instances with more flexibility than TioLive and can serve the purpose of providing one ERP5 instance to every student. It will be used this year by TU Dresden and Telecom Bretagne to give ERP5 based classes. SlapOS will also be used to teach many other open source applications to students, including programming languages and databases.

TioLive users will be offered to migrate their data away from TioLive. TioLive will provide access to user data for download (Free) or propose to migrate data to SlapOS (200EUR). No data will be erased in the next 12 months. After 12 months, all private user data will be destroyed in application of privacy protection best practices.

In addition, TioLive users will be offered a new commercial service: ERP5 Starter . This service provided by Nexedi replaces "TioLive Premium" offer. Rather than trying to simplify ERP5 by hiding its internals - which TioLive intended to do - ERP5 Starter provides e-learning for small companies to understand the internals of ERP5 and implement it by themselves. This new service privileges knowledge sharing over simplicity. It targets an audience of users who understand the benefits of open source and are aware of the reasons why open source only can protect privacy protection, trade secret and free competition.


We would like to thank you for subscribing to TioLive and supporting TioLive all these years. The new combination of SlapOS and ERP5 Starter provides a more flexible solution which is also more consistent with open source community requirements. In case of doubt or question, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to assist you.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to try SlapOS personal Cloud and install it on your own servers in order to avoid the trap of proprietary Cloud .

Jean-Paul Smets.
TioLive CEO